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"In giving advice seek to help, not to please, your friend." -Solon
Is there anything more useful than the hairs on the chin? But hasn't nature made use even of these in as becoming a manner as possible? Has it not through them distinguished the male from the female? Does not the nature of each one of us declare at once from afar, 'I am a man: on this basis approach me, on this basis talk to me. Look for nothing further, just consider the tokens.' Again, in the case of women, just as in their voice nature has mingled a softer note, so too it has removed the hair from their chins. But no, you say: 'The animal ought to have been left without distinguishing marks, and and each of us should announce on his own account, "I am a man." But how fair and becoming and noble the token is! How much fairer than the cock's comb, how much more magnificent than the lion's mane! For this reason we ought to preserve the signs of God, we should not do away with them or, so far as in us lies, confuse the sexes that have been distinguished. -Epictetus, 'Discourses I, Chapter 16'
Even the ancient Greeks understood life and what the natural order was meant to be - but just you look at us today, who claim to be so wise and full of understanding, and at how chaotic our world is!
Our world has gone stark raving mad, I tell you! Today men claim they "feel" like women and vice versa, so regardless of their natural reproductive compositions, distinctive gonads and all, some go through body-altering, life-threatening, money-guzzling and God-insulting surgical procedures - just to "be themselves," apparently.
The world, you see, is caught in a web of an identity crisis so severe that many people, the youth especially, who are susceptible to all this modernist, seemingly sophisticated new-age logic are struggling just to come to terms with their inner selves - with who they really are. No wonder Abraham Maslow listed self-actualization as the highest of our needs - for if a man cannot even identify who he truly is, how can he ever dream of becoming all that he really must?
If a man identifies not with the God who created him - who gave him purpose in life - will he not be but a vain wanderer on this planet? The anchor of God has kept many grounded and averted their falling into the abyss of this now-widely-accepted thinking that men can marry men, and women, women, that can only be a sign of the even more evil days that lie in store for our world. Many, too, have fallen before into the snare of such thinkings and doings - but thanks to God's own grace and the unflinching help of stalwarts in the faith, have found their way back on the right path. Make no mistake - I do not condemn anyone; I simply speak what ought to be spoken. I am not a saint and even if I were, I would refrain from condemnation, for only God has the right and the power to do that. I utter these words, however, for correction and edification, as the word of God itself supports, so that we all who strive daily to walk on the narrow path will not grow weary of doing so - and that those who have taken to the broad way will give this fatal choice another deep thought and, God willing, abandon it for the way that leads to life - in all its fullness.
We all make mistakes; it is only the fool, however, who is prompted about his mistakes and goes on to note that he is, actually, making a grave mistake - and yet, out of pride or sheer stupidity, continues on that errant way. If you didnt know, now you do! You have no excuse! Come that day when you stand before God's Judgement Seat, what will be your justification for doing, espousing and preaching the worldly things you now are sowing, like a seed, among God's people? Ask yourself: is what I am doing aligned with God's unerring word? Would God be proud of me for this if I were to see Him face to face today? Would He salute me for my faithfulness and give me a crown of glory or cast me into the lake of fire? And you know the startling truth? Since we all do not even know when we will die, (it could be the very next minute) we could, even today, come face to face with the Master and have to account for these very things I now speak of.
Definitely, then, we shall rue our actions and stubbornness, but as we all know, "Had I known is always at last." Why move headlong to a disastrous end when you can change your script and make a new beginning? Why be proud, you who are nothing but clay, whom worms will feast on when you are dead, and refuse to bend your will to God's dictates? My final piece of advice? Humble yourself and make a move toward God today; when you make the effort to take just one step in His direction, He takes so many more toward you, as He always awaits that one lost sheep so eagerly that your small choice will reap the greatest results in your life. Reach out! Let God lead you away from the horrifyingly polluted thinking and the inevitable destruction of those who blindly jump on the wagon of this world which is headed nowhere else but into hellfire! Be wise!
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